Teaching/Choreography Reel

Objectives: "It starts NOW"

Austin is an advocate for the arts, and among anything else, his main goal is to do his part in keeping the arts active in everyday life.

He uses his knowledge in theatre, voice, dance and performance to give students tools to express themselves and explore deeper connections with their peers and the world around them. 

Whether he is working in theatre, dance, cheer, etc. he uses physical exploration, technical terminology, team building exercises, and collaboration to further students understanding of the concepts he engages them in. 

He strives to give his students the tools to find confidence in their abilities, to take risks in their explorations, and to find community and support in their classes. 

Austin's philosophy with his students is to encourage them to take every opportunity they have to learn and grow as artist; to never waste a moment!

"Don't wait until tomorrow to learn more, it starts NOW! The minute you step into class, use every moment to push yourself to discover more than you think you can. When you think you've gone your farthest, go one inch further. You are capable of much more than you think you are!"-Austin Marquez 


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